Products Overview


Whether you work from ambition or from a business case, our projects should add value to your business. On short-term and on long term. We can help you decide what Salesforce could add to your business (strategy), how to implement this step-by-step (roadmap), and how it can best be integrated with your current stack (architecture).


  • Envision and materialise how the Salesforce ecosystem can contribute to your business objectives


  • Digital business strategy (what)
  • Salesforce roadmap (how & when)
  • IT architecture (enablers)


  • Creativity in business design, materialised in a strategic plan and a business case
  • Best practice roadmaps as a basis, tailored to your specific needs
  • Salesforce (object) architecture & metadata model, including integrations with third-party systems


We help you with your first-time implementations, ongoing innovations, and support. We guide you on your own Salesforce journey, be it quick or for a longer term.


  • Streamlining your business processes in Sales, Service, Marketing, Operations
  • Improving customer experience and also employee experience!


  • Design & building of point-to-click, configurable solutions and, where needed, customisations (development) of specific customer components
  • Integration of the Salesforce customer solution with your existing IT infrastructure
  • Support & Innovation of your Salesforce solution
  • Project management for all.


  • Our best practices, accelerators, and our own click & drive software on the AppExchange
  • Cloud-based telephony solutions of NewVoiceMedia and Amazon Connect
  • Digital Messaging.

We believe that focus is growth. That is why we specialise in segments of the vast Salesforce platform:

  • Salesforce Core – SalesCloud and ServiceCloud
  • MarketingCloud
  • Communities
  • Heroku
  • Digital Engagement & Einstein

In addition, we are certified implementation partners of two of the most renowned Cloud computer telephony integrators (CTI) which integrate natively with Salesforce: NewVoiceMedia and Amazon Connect. Combined with ServiceCloud and Digital Messaging these CTI solutions offer a very powerful solution to customer services departments in enhancing the service journey of their customers. We have strong references in offline/online customer services in B2C environments. Feel free to give us a call.



AskAmy is a highly versatile interaction messaging application. Enabling real-time conversations. With all conversation history in one screen. Connect to any channel of your choice. Built natively on Salesforce with seamless integration.

AskAmy offers key functionalities required for any modern high-volume interaction department, whether it’s for consumer-facing sales and service, or for communications between internal departments.


  • Real-time platform connection
  • Sales and Services channels integration within a heartbeat
  • One seamless agent experience inside Service Console
  • Enablement of alternative Chat platforms
  • Instant language recognition
  • Pay as you grow per user license fee

Available Channels: WhatsApp (Official API), Facebook Messenger, Telegram, WeChat, SMS,, and more to come!



VANEIGENS launches Video-to-Video, for those who can use a little bit more personal guidance browsing online.

Help your customers face-to-face via videochats, which can be requested via your website on both mobile- and desktop devices. The best part? It is directly integrated with your call center working from Salesforce!


  • Face-to-Face Video calling
  • Customers can choose to have their video stream on or off
  • It enables guided-selling on the website through co-browsing of agents with customers
It has a native integration with Salesforce, plugs straight into your Salesforce Omnichannel, and is easy to install on your website through e.g. Google Tag Manager. And it’s hassle-free for customers: just click the video icon in the website and, if an agent is available, you’re good to go!


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