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VANEIGENS is a Flemish expression meaning: sure, of course, no problem! It represents our DNA and the way we want to work with you, making things simple and easy. Our appreciated clients can testify to that (read our cases and blogs) SIMPLIFYING TECHNOLOGY. THAT’S VANEIGENS.




Whether you work from ambition or from a business case, our projects should add value to your business. On short-term and on long term. We can help you decide what Salesforce could add to your business (strategy), how to implement this step-by-step (roadmap), and how it can best be integrated with your current stack (architecture).


We help you with your first-time implementations, ongoing innovations, and support. We guide you on your own Salesforce journey, be it quick or for a longer term. All with the goal to streamline your business processes in Sales, Service, Marketing and Operations, and improving CX ánd also employee experience!


Where we find the opportunity to standardize a common need and wish of clients, we have started developing a product add-on that is complementary to the Salesforce portfolio and a simplification of tools and technology, so clients can complete their platform with new features and tools without needing to code and have a lot of hazzle and time spend on finding out the wheel.


"VANEIGENS is a very pleasant team to work with. The employees don’t think in problems, but in solutions.”
Margot Looman
Manager Social Commerce & PO Social Media Rituals
" A lot of things were new to us, so we were really taken on a journey. With VANEIGENS we got to the best customer service solutions."

Annemiek Janse
Manager Customer Service Omoda
" We are very happy with the solution in place and couldn’t imagine a better implementation partner for this transformation than VANEIGENS."
Steven van de Ridder
Director of Advanced Analytics at Picnic



Creating meaningful memories and helping people find a moment of peace in their busy lives. That is what Rituals stands for. Whether it is about taking a long bath or creating a comfortable atmosphere with exclusive scents and perfumes from Asia at home or in the office. Rituals has over 625 stores, more than 1850 shop-in-shops and four urban spas in 27 countries all over the world. It uses Salesforce to optimally serve its customers with home and body cosmetics.


It is impossible to imagine today’s online shopping experience without Omoda. Their roots dating as far back as 1907, Omoda has been a distinctive online brand since 2007. Omoda goes the extra mile to be the best shoe retailer in customer experience, service, inspiration, innovation and responsible business. As a real family business, they are fully committed to their customers. No wonder they chose the ServiceCloud of Salesforce to improve their services.


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for lifting the customer engagement of our customers to the next level, we offer serval products & services on top of the Salesforce platform.

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VANEIGENS Customer Engagement Flywheel

Let us introduce our VANEIGENS Customer Engagement Flywheel, a set of aligned products, activities and departments driving satisfied, enthusiastic and even loyal ambassadors.

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