Come work with us

Working at VANEIGENS is fun. We work with our clients as a team, while doing what we love. Not only the result counts, also the way towards the result is key to us.

Key words for working at VANEIGNS are: performance, personal, fun, teamwork and energy.

Our drive: we go the extra mile, we get stuff done and have fun while doing just that. We do not make things more complicated than they have to be. Transparency and simplicity are important to us. We focus on results and have a personal style during that process.

Do you want to be part of a tribe? A fast-growing one? Do you identify yourself with our mission, our key words and our drive? Join us in building the VANEIGENS company! We are looking for trailblazers that have the ability to work in teams and strive for success with and for our clients. The ones who want to, and we can help, grow towards consulting team lead, technical architect or executive client manager.