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"What you see is what you get."   - Thomas Klein, Manager Business & Product Management at Mitsubishi Motors Sales Netherlands B.V.


Drive your ambition. This slogan of Mitsubishi Motors explains perfectly what the car brand stands for: continuous involvement in the preferences of Mitsubishi-drivers. Innovation is a fundamental pillar of the company. That is why Mitsubishi Motors Sales Netherlands (MMSN) has chosen Salesforce and VANEIGENS: to keep surprising their dealers and customers, with an innovative platform and partnership.

Customer’s question

How can MMSN improve their usage of Salesforce - both themselves as well as with some help of VANEIGENS? MMSN is working with Salesforce for years now, but the software was not yet used optimally. The car-brand wants to do more with it and make it easier to work with it themselves. Salesforce put MMSN in contact with VANEIGENS for a whole renewed implementation.


Thomas Klein, Manager Business & Product Management at Mitsubishi Motor Sales Netherlands B.V.: “The first conversation with VANEIGENS went very well from the start. VANEIGENS did not choose the longest presentation with its corresponding quotation, but they immediately got our trust because they were really thinking along with us. This way of working appealed to us, so we decided to start a trial project for the renewed implementation of Salesforce. After consultation we decided to split the project into three parts and work in a step-by-step manner. This way the system will be more attractive for its users to work with and we utilise all possibilities it provides.” In the first two phases, MMSN changed from the Classic-environment to the Lightning-environment. VANEIGENS adapted our forms in such a way that it was a lot more appealing and easy to work with. In addition, they also transferred data from Excel-files to Salesforce, where they are now visible in clear dashboards. Furthermore, the leads processing via the website is now more streamlined by the usage of Salesforce.


MMSN is very content with their results. “We work more with Salesforce in a much more efficient way. This is exactly what we had in mind when we started working with the software.'' Also the collaboration with VANEIGENS is going very smoothly. “VANEIGENS is a no-nonsense office. Their employees do not sugarcoat things. They simply do what is asked. What you see is what you get. We are very content with this way of working. The clear approach and communication are very pleasant to work with.

Next steps

MMSN and VANEIGENS are already working in the third phase: the allocation of the SalesCloud. “Hereby, appointments with customers are better communicated. Also, by using the SalesCloud, better forecasts can be made.” In the meantime, there is also a lot of attention for the training of the MMSN-team by VANEIGENS, so that Salesforce is also perfectly workable for the team. The expectation is that MMSN and Vaneigens will keep working together. “Manage the basics by ourselves and employ VANEIGENS for more complex cases. That’s our goal!”



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