It is impossible to imagine today’s online shopping experience without Omoda. Their roots dating as far back as 1907, Omoda has been a distinctive online brand since 2007. Omoda goes the extra mile to be the best shoe retailer in customer experience, service, inspiration, innovation and responsible business. As a real family business, they are fully committed to their customers. No wonder they chose the ServiceCloud of Salesforce to improve their services.

“I think we will keep on further improving ServiceCloud, of course we as Omoda want to keep on innovating our business”

Annemiek Janse, Manager klantenservice Omoda


Years ago, Omoda started using the ServiceCloud but, nevertheless, they were not entirely capable to use it in the right way. In its customer services, Omoda uses many different channels but ServiceCloud was not geared up to handle these channels The main objective for the first phase of the project was to reimplement ServiceCloud in such a way that it would significantly contribute to the operational efficiency and, in particular, to decrease the number of (manual) actions for the agents. While at project start 15 tabs were needed to get a complete customer view, at the end of phase one everything was visible in one screen. Using ServiceCloud as it should!

VANEIGENS and Omoda collaborated as a team where VANEIGENS’ no-nonsense mentality and Omoda’s eye for quality of service went hand-in-hand to both dramatically improve operational excellence as well as serving customers better, quicker and with a higher NPS.

Step 1. Assessment
What does the client need and what should we focus on? (according to V Cycle)

Step 2. Current situation
What is needed to satisfy the client’s demand? Always look at the present situation and then develop the best architecture/landscape together with the client.

Step 3. Design
Set priorities and make choices. In case of Omoda we chose to pick up on user stories with little dependencies in phase one, to contribute value straight-away.

Step 4. Building and Testing
We keep an eye on our current situation and develop to the best architecture/landscape together with our client.

Step 5. Train
We trained staff, supervisors and team manager.

Annemiek: “A lot of things were new to us, so we were really taken on a journey. With VANEIGENS we got to the best customer service solutions.”


The result
The agents now only need one screen to get a complete 360-customer view. They created a workable environment for every agent in a user-friendly system.

Annemiek: “This way we can help clients more efficiently and thus faster. That is great for everyone!”


Next Steps
Omoda and VANEIGENS first accomplished a certain base level of features in the platform, from which the system is further developed in sprints. It is our main focus that we keep developing. So that we make it come true that the agents only need 1 tab for the complete customer view. We are working in sprints of three weeks to obtain this goal.

“I think we will keep on further improving ServiceCloud, of course we as Omoda want to keep on innovating our business”
Annemiek Janse
Manager Customer Service Omoda



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